Cancellation policy

This cancellation policy applies between you, the User of this Website and BECKs Training Ltd trading as The Dale Manor, the owner and provider of this Website and The Dale Manor, Market Place, Allendale, Hexham, Northumberland, NE47 9BD. The Dale Manor is owned and operated by BECKs Training Ltd, registered Company number 06856193.

Please read this privacy policy carefully before making a booking with us.

Booking and Payment Process

1. Enquiry Quote Confirmation to go ahead Deposit Invoice Paid Stay Confirmed
2. Full Invoice Paid two weeks before arrival Departure No damage Deposit repaid

1. When enquiring with regards to a stay at the Dale Manor and upon agreeing a rental rate and available date, we invoice you, the group coordinator and request a booking and damage deposit invoice for £400. Upon receipt of this amount, your booking is confirmed – until then your booking remains provisional. If you deposit is not paid by the deposit invoice due date, we will release your dates again and they are free to be booked by someone else. If your deposit is paid on or before the due date shown on your invoice, then your stay is confirmed!
2. Around 4 weeks prior to your stay we will contact you and confirm whether you would like any extras, your arrival and departure time, your bedroom allocation and to offer our assistance in organising activities during your stay. You will then receive an invoice for the full rental price agreed upon booking. Your deposit will NOT be deducted from this rate, as the booking deposit acts as a damage deposit also and we retain the £400 until after your stay. Your full invoice is due two weeks before arrival.
3. After your stay and once we are satisfied that your party has not caused any damage and has not removed any items from the property, we return your booking deposit. Please provide your bank details (Account name, number and sort code) for this repayment.
4. The rental rate at the Dale Manor does not drop if the guest number initially agreed reduces.


Your booking deposit of £400 is not refundable, however, if you cancel with more than 6 months’ notice, we will refund half of your booking deposit (£200).

If you cancel between 2 weeks and 6 months prior to your stay, we retain your £400 booking deposit, as is industry standard.

If you cancel less than 14 days before arrival, your full letting fee is due, minus the damage deposit. I.e. if you full invoice was for £2000 and your damage deposit was £400, then you are still due to pay £1600.

This cancellation policy was created on February 1st, 2019 and is available to all guests and customers from our website at